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Welcome to Dukeo's monthly income reports. On this page, I reveal all the income, expenses, and net revenue for my online projects.

I sincerely hope that these income reports will inspire you to start your own online business, while avoiding some of the mistakes I made.

You will see that the life of an online entrepreneur is not only made of exciting success, but also plenty of errors. I push myself to see the silver lining in every experience I make online to continuously grow and become better at what I'm doing.

Let's start with a graph showing my financial results for the most recent 12 months period:

Now that you've seen this graph, let's jump into the monthly numbers in more details, shall we?

 incomeexpensesnet result
Apr 2018$21,757.10-$18,532.04$3,225.06▲ 38%
Mar 2018$34,489.69-$32,146.59$2,343.10▲ 46%
Feb 2018$4,987.16-$3,386.56$1,600.60▲ 1%
Jan 2018$3,965.14-$2,373.77$1,591.37
Dec 2017$82,094.89-$79,321.76$2,773.13▼ 76%
Nov 2017$104,245.78-$92,669.58$11,576.20
Oct 2017$81,229.77-$83,632.09-$2,402.32
Sep 2017$124,543.46-$123,315.60$1,227.86▲ 48%
Aug 2017$225,806.60-$224,979.23$827.37▼ 86%
Jul 2017$155,766.36-$149,842.45$5,923.91
Jun 2017$140,513.57-$146,954.65-$6,441.08
May 2017$72,818.81-$73,931.51-$1,112.70
Apr 2017$60,360.09-$58,570.72$1,789.37
Mar 2017$41,716.22-$46,002.31-$4,286.09
Feb 2017$12,144.20-$18,090.04-$5,945.84
Jan 2017$3,634.99-$5,014.35-$1,379.36
Dec 2016$4,503.16-$1,455.84$3,047.32▲ 22%
Nov 2016$4,064.09-$1,563.51$2,500.58▲ 2%
Oct 2016$3,432.64-$976.31$2,456.33▲ 133%
Sep 2016$3,495.82-$2,443.59$1,052.23▼ 73%
Aug 2016$5,163.96-$1,335.70$3,828.26▲ 22%
Jul 2016$4,236.36-$1,107.31$3,129.05▲ 17%
Jun 2016$3,680.53-$1,016.59$2,663.94▲ 160%
May 2016$2,831.67-$1,806.11$1,025.56▲ 115%
Apr 2016$2,148.54-$1,670.53$478.01▲ 953%
Mar 2016$1,279.08-$1,233.69$45.39
Feb 2016$875.11-$1,332.20-$457.09
Jan 2016$771.16-$1,305.70-$534.54
Dec 2015$1,563.82-$1,448.85$114.97
Nov 2015$1,354.78-$1,458.27-$103.49
Oct 2015$1,059.99-$1,198.55-$138.56
Sep 2015$1,032.77-$1,179.83-$147.06
Aug 2015$943.97-$3,660.39-$2,716.42
Jul 2015$247.79-$3,345.63-$3,097.84
Jun 2015$368.37-$3,713.25-$3,344.88
May 2015$504.50-$3,023.65-$2,519.15
Apr 2015$399.42-$2,737.84-$2,338.42
Mar 2015$389.58-$3,550.29-$3,160.71
Feb 2015$350.38-$2,035.71-$1,685.33
Jan 2015$237.67-$1,031.98-$794.31

I started working online in 2008 and I have generated millions of dollars in sales and leads for various clients until 2012.

After being on a great streak for many years, things turned extremely bad in 2012 and long story short: I lost everything.

In 2014, I decided to get my life back on tracks and start some new projects. Even though I was moving forward, this year went really slow because I was still scared of failure. As a result, there wasn't much income and expenses to report.

2015 is the year when I finally got serious about online marketing again, and there's nothing like income reports to keep you on the right track!

Now you know why these income reports started in 2015.


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Learn how I made money online for the past 10 years

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